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Garage Doors Cost

How Much Do Garage Doors Cost?

low costLow: $400-$700average costMedium: $800-$1,000high costHigh: $2,500-$3,000

Garage doors are typically up to 30 percent of a home's exterior look. Replacing a dated garage door with a durable and decorative new model can increase energy insulation while adding architectural interest.

Typical costs:

  • Generally garage doors are either tilt-up models or have hinged panels that roll up and down. Average sized (16x7 foot) aluminum single-piece tilt-up garage doors run $400-$700 (installed), are extremely lightweight, and don't rust -- but they do dent easily.
  • Installation of an average 16x7 tilt-up wood door of flush construction (exterior plywood or siding to match the house mounted on a frame of fir or other soft wood) starts at $400-$700; for sectional roll-up wood doors designed to be painted it's about $800-$1,000; higher-grade roll-up stained wood panels average $1,200-$2,000 or more, depending on the type of wood and any decorative additions to the panels; and custom-built wood doors start around $2,500-$3,000 and go up from there. Wood is popular for its natural look and style, but needs regular maintenance to avoid warping or cracking as it ages.
  • Expect to pay $750-$1,200 to have an average-sized 16x7 foot steel garage door installed. The less-expensive models are usually thinner metal and may be single skin; double-skin doors have foam insulation between two panels, giving a nice look both the inside and outside. Premium doors are typically 2 inches thick, filled with insulation, have thicker steel panels and include weather-stripping and weather seals. Steel doesn't rust and doesn't need repainting as often as wood does, but it will dent and repairs can be difficult.
  • Whether it's metal or wood, garage door manufacturers provide many styles, from a basic frame-and-panel design to sculpted segments, horizontal ribbing, or built-in narrow strips of single- or dual-pane windows across the top of the door that are both decorative and a source of light in a dark garage. Models with these options tend to be in the higher end of the price ranges.
  • Installing a garage door is considered a medium-difficult do-it-yourself project for a two-person team, at an average cost of $300-$500, depending on the type of door chosen.
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What should be included:
  • Modern garage doors are more secure, better insulated and stronger than those of the past;[1] gives an overview and Better Homes & Gardens displays before-and-after garage door upgrades.
  • gives instructions for replacing a garage door[2] and installing a garage door opener[3] .
Additional costs:
  • Some new models include an automatic garage door opener; if not, an opener can add $130-$300 to the total price. Additional key-chain-sized or programmable transmitters might be another $15-$50 each.
Shopping for garage doors:
  •[4] provides a photo gallery of ideas for out-of-the-ordinary garage doors.
  • provides do-it-yourself illustrated installation instructions[5] . Lowe?s[6] and Home Depot[7] offer professional installation services.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Opening exterior wall and framing opening for single garage door install.
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: App in Southbury, CT.Posted: March 22nd, 2017 09:03AM
Any idea of how much this prep would cost to open up old exterior wall and frame for new garage door . Already got a price of about $1400 for door and opener from Overhead door, after opened up ,framed and ready for install.
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Amarr 2-car garage door
Amount: $2,400.00
Posted by: Glee in Los Gatos, CA.Posted: March 21st, 2016 02:03PM
Contractor: Number of Cars: 2
Supposedly the best price I can find. 2" Highest insulation rating 3000, wood look in front, new super quiet automatic openers and 2 remotes.
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Had to replace garage two door springs.
Amount: $559.93
Posted by: a user in Dayton, OH.Posted: March 5th, 2016 10:03AM
Contractor: Garage Door ServicesNumber of Cars: 2
Very quick service and the Tec was very knowledgeable about his job. Completed the spring change out in 35 minutes and end results was great!
I think the price was out of ling for the work that was done.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Garage Door for low-profile garage
Amount: $1,575.00
Posted by: Arex J in Pacheco, CA.Posted: January 6th, 2016 10:01PM
Contractor: Number of Cars: 2
Replaced creaky, low-overhead roll up sectional with springs with a newer, 14 ga, torsion-spring sectional and new liftmaster 1/2 hp garage door opener. Our garage is a converted carport, and the original garage door wasn't connected to a good header. I ended up spending 1100 for a new header (4x6 posts and a 4x12x18ft long header). Much more than your typical garage door job, but it was quality work and I think it was a fair price.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
new 16 x 7 non ins garage door opener and installation
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: happy customer abq in albuquerque, NM.Posted: October 9th, 2014 01:10PM
Contractor: Dr Garage Door 505-382-8419Number of Cars: 2
Excellent service and the lowest price in Albuquerque.Amarr non insulated door,lift master opener with 2 remotes and keypad included all installation. I previously had Wayne Dalton junk and would never have anything else made by Wayne Dalton. These are the biggest crap that the new home builders are using. Rudy was wonderful and did an excellent job on our new door.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
16x9 vinyl insulated (installed) with chain driven opener
Amount: $1,050.00
Posted by: Shelli S. in Hillsboro, IL.Posted: April 27th, 2014 04:04AM
Contractor: local contractorNumber of Cars: 2
Cost included installation. April 2014
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Amarr Garage Door 15.6 Inch with windows and new lift master 1/2HP
Amount: $1,400.00
Posted by: SANJOSE AREA in San Jose, CA.Posted: July 23rd, 2013 10:07PM
Contractor: ChadNumber of Cars: 2
Today I installed new garage door. Size 15.6inch , door itself:$900.00 + Windows : 200 + Lift Master 1/2HP moter : $300, Total $1400.00 I paid. Door looks good but little noisy I though it will be smother.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
garage Door
Amount: $1,200.00
Posted by: bkhawk27 in VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.Posted: May 23rd, 2013 10:05AM
Contractor: EntryPoint ExteriorsNumber of Cars: 2
Great Company!
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torsion spring replacement
Amount: $209.00
Posted by: igor63 in Sammamish, WA.Posted: December 21st, 2012 11:12AM
Contractor: national doorNumber of Cars: 1
torsion spring replacement is common repair on standard 1-car garage door. cost includes spring itself + labor.
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key pad installation
Amount: $125.00
Posted by: gator in clinton, MD.Posted: April 5th, 2011 01:04PM
Contractor: IntergrtiyNumber of Cars: 2
after installation was complete, noticed installer did not put up the keyless entry key pad that I had asked for when doing the contract. He charged us an addtional $125 after we had already spent $3,200 on the two doors. A couple of days later, saw the key pad in several stores selling for $35.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
used 14.0 x 10.0 commercial barcol gargage door - 1995
Amount: $2,500.00
Posted by: sheilae in loves park, IL.Posted: March 9th, 2011 08:03AM
Contractor: barcolNumber of Cars:
What is the value of that garage door now? fair condition panels 2,3and 4 with 4 windows each 2 inch thick 26 gauge

thank you so much
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
garage works and looks great
Amount: $800.00
Posted by: sblack79 in plano, TX.Posted: September 8th, 2010 04:09PM
Contractor: unitedNumber of Cars: 2
I bought a Amarr garage door from united in plano and love it had other kinds before but Amarr doors look and works the best i would recomend only Amarr there the best
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Amarr Garage Door 16x7
Amount: $1,190.00
Posted by: Happy With New Door in Lake Zurich, IL.Posted: September 2nd, 2010 05:09PM
Contractor: Door Pro AmericaNumber of Cars: 2
This included an insulated door with a steel back, installation, new tracks, springs, all hardware and tax was included. They removed the old door and parts and disposed of them. The opener was an option at $395 installed model Liftmaster 3820 belt drive (it's very Quiet). The guys from Door Pro were very helpfull from start to finish.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Wayne Dalton
Amount: $1,500.00
Posted by: momof2 in Richmond, VA.Posted: August 2nd, 2010 06:08AM
Contractor: Number of Cars: 2
I had a Wayne Dalton installed on my newly built 3-year old home. I have had to call the dealer several times for motor problems and the door binding up. Recently, the entire door buckled, the glass broke and I need another door.. I am disappointed that it did not last longer than 3 years. I am not getting another Wayne Dalton garage door.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Garage Door
Amount: $3,800.00
Posted by: Dildonics in Harrison, NY.Posted: November 5th, 2009 08:11AM
Contractor: localNumber of Cars: 1
My door is made of wood and insulated.

New garage door opener was $350, a Liftmaster 3800, much nicer than those overheard chain/belt drive units.

Installation was $425.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Garage Door 16x7
Amount: $804.00
Posted by: anthony smith in simpsonville, SC.Posted: August 26th, 2009 09:08AM
Contractor: Access DoorsNumber of Cars: 2
I am not trying to toot any one horn here,But these folks with a access door was a true professional. i originally wanted my door fixed because my wife some how got it twisted from trying to open/close it with her car still in the way. So she then says to me that it is ok to leave it like that. no access to my garage but through the i called around and got some prices and then i decided on who i was going to use. Access sent a tech out he looked around at first located all of the missing parts and then tried to fix it. he told me it was goingto be a146.00 all together. when he got done he informed me that the work he has done will not fix my problem. because of the door being so severly damage.I thought at first he was going to ask me to pay him and i was not going to be happy because it is not fix. so he suggested that i get a new stronger door and it will cost only 804.00 he explained to me why this could have happen because of struts not being in placed on the original door.he also expolained to me about who the motor was attached directly to the door and not a seperate attachment. all in all he sold me on the idead and i must say i am well please with the craftmanship and the door they selected. superior job by these folks at access door of greenville sc.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
garage door
Amount: $600.00
Posted by: dylan in bossier city, LA.Posted: August 5th, 2009 12:08PM
Contractor: idkNumber of Cars: 1
i just trucked mine
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