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Washer-Dryer Hookup Cost

How Much Does a Washer-Dryer Hookup Cost?

average costSimple Installation: $400-$800high costComplex Installation: $700-$2,000+

Installing a washer and dryer in a space that has not been previously set up as a laundry area requires hot and cold water plumbing lines; a drain line (called a standpipe) or a laundry sink where the washing machine's drain hose can discharge; an electrical outlet (120V for washing machines and 240V for most electric dryers); a vent and, if it's a gas dryer, a gas line.

Typical costs:

  • Hiring contractors for a new washer and dryer hookup including running water lines and electrical outlets can total $400-$800 for a location less than 10' from the electrical panel and existing water lines and next to an exterior wall for venting, depending on what exactly needs to be done and local rates.
  • However, total costs for a new washer and dryer hookup can run $700-$2,000 or more if the desired laundry area is far from the current plumbing lines, electrical panel and exterior walls (for venting); if access is limited, such as plumbing pipes buried under a slab foundation; if there is no room to add additional circuits on the existing electrical panel; if the existing plumbing is aging or out of date; or if extensive work is required to make holes in and then restore finished walls or flooring.
  • Just adding a new electrical outlet can cost $75-$250 for a standard 120V line, or $300-$800 for a new 240V circuit on the main electrical panel, while upgrading an electrical panel can cost $1,300-$4,000.
  • Professional installation of a new dryer vent averages about $200, but can cost $150-$500. Installing a gas line typically costs $150-$250 for 10 linear feet, and $300-$750 for 20-30 linear feet, but it can be $800-$1,000 or more for a complex installation in an area with high labor costs.
  • Installing a washer and dryer in an existing laundry room with all the necessary plumbing, electricity and vents already in place is typically a fairly straightforward project requiring only basic skills and tools and taking less than an hour. Many new appliance retailers include basic installation for free or for a $50-$100 fee. A handyman might charge $25-$150 depending on local rates and the amount of work required. explains how to install a washer and dryer[1] .
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What should be included:
  • All electrical and plumbing work must meet local building codes. The floor of the new laundry area should be level so the appliances will work properly. The hose connections and power cords should easily reach their sources without pulling, leaking or causing flow restrictions. Note that many appliances cords are short, and designed to be plugged into a nearby outlet. Never use an extension cord, especially on a dryer.
Additional costs:
  • Any electrical or plumbing work typically requires a permit from the local building or planning department. Depending on location and the extent and type of work being done, this can be free or cost $25-$150 or more. Often a professional plumber or electrician will obtain any required permits as part of the project.
Shopping for a washer-dryer hookup:
  • Prices can vary significantly. If the project involves extensive plumbing and/or electrical work, get several estimates. If possible, get a written agreement that outlines the work to be done and the materials to be used.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Washer/Dryer Combo Hook up on Pre-war
Amount: $6,900.00
Posted by: AGofW in New York, NY.Posted: May 21st, 2021 09:05PM
Type of Hookup: Full D&W w/Vent + Electrical
Thanks to my stupid board requiring an LAA permit from NYC I had to pay about $4,000 more than the actual price. My lowest estimate was $5,200 but that contractor could not provide me a satisfying COI. The price in NYC ranges between $5k-$10k with all permits and paperwork.
My condo is a prewar walk up without laundry facility underneath. Limited space in the kitchen so the contractor hid the pipes behind the wall tiles in a custom door.
But now I am the only unit in my building with that feature and one of the few comparable ones in my neighborhood. I pray it's worth the price 10 years down the line if I want to sell.
Be aware NYC changed the plumbing codes in 2019 and the LAA permit process. The city comes to inspect the jobs now, twice.
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Washer and dryer installed
Amount: $800.00
Posted by: Roosevelt Pray in Fairfield, CA.Posted: February 20th, 2021 06:02PM
Type of Hookup: Washer and dryer
I bought a new condo and it doesn't have a washer and dryer and I need one put in
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Washer/Dryer Hookup
Amount: $2,100.00
Posted by: NJexpensive in Long Branch, NJ.Posted: January 27th, 2020 07:01AM
Type of Hookup: Laundry plumbing/Electric
2nd floor unit. bathroom in middle of condo.1600 for plumbing pipes in bathroom connected to sink and vent to outside that ran through kitchen ceiling. 500 for 220 line ran from breaker box in bedroom closet to bathroom. another couple hundred for drywall repair, boxing out the vent pipe and paint. Plus cost of stackable washer/dryer
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Moving laundry up 1 level
Amount: $1,650.00
Posted by: Natasha Elise in Indianapolis, IN.Posted: September 23rd, 2019 09:09AM
Type of Hookup: Plumbing and vent, no electrical.
Our mudroom is located 1 floor above our current laundry room. The laundry room is unfinished so the pipes and current vents are exposed and easy to access. The new location is 1 floor up and about 8 ft over. The vent would go straight outside the wall behind the dryer.
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Laundry hookup
Amount: $1,700.00
Posted by: Baba Sue in Rockport, ME.Posted: March 2nd, 2016 08:03AM
Type of Hookup: Washer and dryer
Cost for adding washer hookup to existing pipes, plus adding 240v socket for dryer and adding both to existing circuit box. This is in 2016.
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washer and dryer hookup
Amount: $3,000.00
Posted by: dora rohayem in san antonio, TX.Posted: May 14th, 2015 07:05PM
Type of Hookup: washer and dryer
Love in apartment and hookup was done in a closet.
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Amount: $0.00
Posted by: PRINCE1956 in LOS ANGELES, CA.Posted: November 15th, 2014 10:11PM
Is a permit needed for the washer, trap and any other parts when installing a washer into a pre exiting hook up?
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Laundry Hookup
Amount: $1,800.00
Posted by: chiguy123 in Chicago, IL.Posted: August 30th, 2014 12:08PM
Type of Hookup: Laundry hookup box and electrical
I live in a condo and had a laundry hookup installed in an adjacent closet to the bathroom. The cost for the plumbing and electrical cost $1800 (this for the hookup only and does not include the washing machine and dryer).
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